Publication: Automatic Differentiation of Algorithms: Theory, Implementation, and Application
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Automatic Differentiation of Algorithms: Theory, Implementation, and Application

- Book -


Andreas Griewank, George F. Corliss



AD Theory and Techniques

Contained Articles
- A System for the Differentiation of Fortran Code and an Application to Parameter Estimation in Forest Growth Models
- A Taxonomy of Automatic Differentiation Tools
- Application of Adjoint Equations to Estimation of Parameters in Distributed Dynamic Systems
- Application of the Adjoint Model in Meteorology
- Applying Automatic Differentiation and Self-Validation Numerical Methods in Satellite Simulations
- Automatic Differentiation Bibliography
- Automatic Differentiation from an Oceanographer's Perspective
- Automatic Differentiation in Astrodynamical Modeling
- Automatic Differentiation of Composite Functions
- Automatic Differentiation of Inverse Functions
- Automatic Differentiation of Nonlinear AMPL Models
- Automatic Differentiation Viewed from Optimal Control Theory
- Automatic Evaluation of Higher-Order Partial Derivatives for Nonlocal Sensitivity Analysis
- Computer Algebra as a Toolbox for Program Generation and Manipulation
- Efficient Numerical Program Generation and Computer Algebra Environments
- Experience with the Forward and Reverse Mode of GRESS in Contaminant Transport Modeling and Other Applications
- Forward Algorithms for High Orders and Many Variables with Application to Beam Physics
- GRESS, A Preprocessor for Sensitivity Studies of Fortran Programs
- History of Automatic Differentiation and Rounding Error Estimation
- Integration of Automatic Differentiation into Application Programs for PC's
- Issues in Parallel Automatic Differentiation
- MXYZPTLK: A C++ Hacker's Implementation of Automatic Differentiation
- Neural Networks, Backpropagation, and Automatic Differentiation
- On the Calculation of Jacobian Matrices by the Markowitz Rule
- Overloading Point and Interval Taylor Operators
- PADRE2, A Fortran Precompiler Yielding Error Estimates and Second Derivatives
- Point and Interval Differentiation Arithmetics
- Special Problems in Automatic Differentiation
- Synthetic Calculus --- A Paradigm of Mathematical Program Synthesis
- The Use of Adjoint Equations in Numerical Modelling of the Atmospheric Circulation
- Use of Automatic Differentiation for Calculating Hessians and Newton Steps
- User's Experience with FORTRAN Compilers in Least Squares Problems

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