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Guy Chavent
Identification of Functional Parameters in Partial Differential Equations
Identification of Parameters in Distributed Systems, ASME, 1974
not yet classified
Y. F. Chang
Automatic solution of differential equations
Constructive and Computational Methods for Differential and Integral Equations, Springer Verlag, 1974
not yet classified
A. R. Curtis, M. J. D. Powell, J. K. Reid
On the Estimation of Sparse Jacobian Matrices
Article in Journal of the Institute of Mathematics and Applications, 1974
Theory & Techniques:
M. D. Hebden
An Algorithm for Minimization using Exact Second Derivatives
Atomic Energy Research Establishment, 1973
not yet classified
Ellis Robert Kolchin
Differential Algebra and Algebraic Groups
Academic Press, 1973
not yet classified
Richard P. Brent
Algorithms for Minimization without Derivatives
Prentice-Hall, 1973
not yet classified
William E. Ball
The BSOLVE subroutine
Optimization Techniques with FORTRAN, McGraw-Hill, 1973
not yet classified
James L. Kuester, Joe H. Mize
Optimization Techniques with Fortran
McGraw-Hill, 1973
not yet classified
E. G. Cofman, R. L. Graham
Optimal Scheduling for Two-Processor Systems
Article in Acta Informatica, 1972
Theory & Techniques:
Code Optimization, Data Flow Analysis, Parallelism
H. J. Wertz
SUPER-CODEX: Supervisor plus compiler of differentiable expressions
Mathematics Research Center, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1972
not yet classified
Dennis Kuba, Louis B. Rall
A UNIVAC 1108 program for obtaining rigorous error estimates for approximate solutions of systems of equations
Mathematics Research Center, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1972
not yet classified
Louis B. Rall, G. Wanner
Experience with Lie series
Article in Meth. und Verfahren der Math. Physik, 1971
not yet classified
G. M. Ostrovskii, Yu. M. Volin, W. W. Borisov
Über die Berechnung von Ableitungen
Article in Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift der Technischen Hochschule für Chemie, Leuna-Merseburg, 1971
not yet classified
Charles L. Lawson
Computing Derivatives Using W-Arithmetic and U-Arithmetic
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 1971
not yet classified
David Barton, I. M. Willers, R. V. M. Zahar
Taylor Series Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations --- An Evaluation
Mathematical Software, Academic Press, 1971
Theory & Techniques:
Taylor Arithmetic
J. -L. Lions
Optimal Control of Systems Governed by Partial Differential Equations
Springer, 1971
not yet classified
Jean Céa
Optimisation: Théorie et Algorithme
Dunod, 1971
not yet classified
S. A. Lill
Algorithm 46: A modified Davidon method for finding the minimum of a function using difference approximation for derivatives
Article in The Computer J., 1970
not yet classified
David Barton, I. M. Willers, R. V. M. Zahar
The Automatic Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations by the Method of Taylor Series.
Article in The Computer Journal, 1970
Theory & Techniques:
Taylor Arithmetic
D. Jacobson, D. Mayne
Differential Dynamic Programming
Elsevier, 1970
not yet classified


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