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E. M. Oblow
GRESS: Gradient-enhanced software system. Version D User's guide
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 1985
not yet classified
J. M. Lewis, J. C. Derber
The Use of Adjoint Equations to Solve a Variational Adjustment Problem with Advective Constraints
Article in Tellus, 1985
not yet classified
K. V. Kim, Yu E. Nesterov, V. A. Skokov, B. V. Cherkasskiĭ
An Efficient Algorithm for Computing Derivatives and Extremal Problems
Article in MATEKON, 1985
not yet classified
Harriet Kagiwada, Robert Kalaba, Nima Rasakhoo, Spingarn Karl
Numerical Derivatives and Nonlinear Analysis
Plenum Press, Inc., 1985
not yet classified
Yuri G. Evtushenko
Numerical Optimization Techniques
Optimization Software Inc., 1985
not yet classified
P. Courtier
Experiments in Data Assimilation Using the Adjoint Model Technique
Conference proceeding, Proceedings of the Workshop on High-Resolution Analysis ECMWF (UK), 1985
not yet classified
Thomas F. Coleman, Burton S. Garbow, Jorge J. Moré
Software for Estimating Sparse Hessian Matrices
Article in ACM Trans. Math. Software, 1985
Theory & Techniques:
Hessian, Sparsity
Stephen G. Nash
User's Guide for TN/TNBC: Fortran Routines for Nonlinear Optimization
Mathematical Sciences Dept., The Johns Hopkins Univ., 1984
not yet classified
J. W. Sawyer
First partial differentiation by computer with an application to categorical data analysis
Article in The American Statistician, 1984
not yet classified
Louis B. Rall
Differentiation in Pascal-SC: Type GRADIENT
Article in ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, 1984
Theory & Techniques:
J. Morgenstern
How to compute fast a function and all its derivatives. A variation on the theorem of Baur-Strassen
Laboratoire CNRS 168, Université de Nice, 1984
not yet classified
R. Kalaba, A. Tischler
Automatic Derivative Evaluation in the Optimization of Nonlinear Models
Article in The Review of Economics and Statistics, 1984
not yet classified
N. Iwata
Automatization of the Computation of Partial Derivatives
Master thesis, Graduate School, University of Tokyo, 1984
not yet classified
Masao Iri, K. Murota, T. Ohya
A Fast Voronoi-Diagram Algorithm with Applications to Geographical Optimization Problems
Conference proceeding, Proceedings of the 11th IFIP Conference, Springer-Verlag, 1984
not yet classified
Masao Iri
Simultaneous Computation of Functions, Partial Derivatives, and Estimates of Rounding Errors --- Complexity and Practicality ---
Article in Japan Journal of Applied Mathematics, 1984
not yet classified
George F. Corliss, Louis B. Rall
Automatic generation of Taylor series in Pascal-SC: Basic operations and applications to differential equations
Trans. of the First Army Conference on Applied Mathematics and Computing (Washington, D.C., 1983), ARO Rep. 84-1, U. S. Army Res. Office, 1984
not yet classified
D. M. Murray, S. J. Yakowitz
Differential Dynamic Programming and Newton's Method for Discrete Optimal Control Problems
Article in Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, 1984
not yet classified
Donald Goldfarb, Philip L. Toint
Optimal Estimation of Jacobian and Hessian Matrices That Arise in Finite Difference Calculations
Article in Mathematics of Computation, 1984
not yet classified
Thomas F. Coleman, Jorge J. Moré
Estimation of Sparse Hessian Matrices and Graph Coloring Problems
Article in Math. Programming, 1984
Theory & Techniques:
graph coloring, Hessian, Sparsity
Thomas F. Coleman, Burton S. Garbow, Jorge J. Moré
Software for Estimating Sparse Jacobian Matrices
Article in ACM Trans. Math. Software, 1984
Theory & Techniques:


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