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H. M. Markowitz
The Elimination Form of the Inverse and its Application
Article in Management Science, 1957
Theory & Techniques:
Irving Kaplansky
An Introduction to Differential Algebra
Hermann, 1957
not yet classified
D. W. Peaceman, Jr. H. H. Rachford
The Numerical Solution of Parabolic and Elliptic Differential Equations
Article in J. SIAM, 1955
not yet classified
J. F. Nolan
Analytical Differentiation on a Digital Computer
Master thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1953
not yet classified
H. G. Kahrimanian
Analytical Differentiation by a Digital Computer
Master thesis, Temple University, 1953
not yet classified
Joseph Fels Ritt
Differential Algebra
American Mathematical Society, 1950
not yet classified
V. Fischer, L. Gerbaud, F. Wurtz
Using automatic code differentiation for optimization
Article in Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on,
Application Area:
Electrical Engineering
P. Stumm, A. Walther
Multi-stage Approaches for Optimal Offline Checkpointing. SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing
Article in SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing, SIAM,
Theory & Techniques:

not yet classified
Jean Utke
A Tracing Facility for Nonsmooth Model Behavior
Argonne National Laboratory,
Jean Utke, Uwe Naumann, Andrew Lyons
OpenAD/F: User Manual
Argonne National Laboratory,
Isabelle Charpentier, Jean Utke
Rapsodia: User manual
Argonne National Laboratory,
Theory & Techniques:
Forward Mode, Higher Order, Taylor Arithmetic
Engelbert Tijskens, Dirk Roose, Herman Ramon, Josse De Baerdemaeker
Efficient Solution of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations by Integrating Automatic Differentiation
Article in International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering,
not yet classified
Engelbert Tijskens, Dirk Roose, Herman Ramon, Josse De Baerdemaeker
Automatic Differentiation for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations: An Efficient Operator Overloading Approach
Article in Numerical Algorithms,
not yet classified
A. Kumar, P. Daoutidis
Control of Nonlinear Differential-Algebraic-Equation Systems with Disturbances
Article in IEC Research,
not yet classified
J. A. van Hulzen
SCOPE 1, A Source-Code Optimization Package for REDUCE -- User's Manual
Univ. of Twente,
not yet classified
Richard D. Neidinger
Differential Equations are Recurrence Relations in APL
Article in APL92 Conference Proceedings, APL Quote Quad,
not yet classified
Z. A. Maany
FORTRAN Automatic Differentiation Package for the Optimization of Functions of Many Variables
Article in
not yet classified
S. Datta, J. Nugent, A. Tishler, J. L. Wang
Seasonality, Differential Access, and Interlinking of Labour and Credit
Article in J. Development Studies,
not yet classified
H. Olsson, H. Tummescheit, H. Elmqvist
Using automatic differentiation for partial derivatives of functions in Modelica
Conference proceeding, Proceedings of Modelica2005,
Application Area:
Differential-Algebraic Equation, Dynamical Systems, Ordinary Differential Equations


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