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Robert Kalaba, Leigh Tesfatsion, J. L. Wang
A Finite Algorithm for the Exact Evaluation of Higher-Order Partial Derivatives of Functions of Many Variables
Article in J. Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 1983
not yet classified
Robert Kalaba, A. Tishler
A generalised Newton algorithm using higher-order derivatives
Article in J. Opt. Theory and Appl., 1983
not yet classified
R. Kalaba, A. Tischler
Automatic Derivative Evaluation in the Optimization of Nonlinear Models
Article in The Review of Economics and Statistics, 1984
not yet classified
R. Kalaba, Leigh Tesfatsion
Automatic Differentiation of Functions of Derivatives
Article in Computers and Mathematics with Applications, 1986
not yet classified
R. Kalaba, T. Plum, Leigh Tesfatsion
Automation of Nested Matrix and Derivative Operations
Article in Applied Mathematics and Computation, 1987
not yet classified
R. Kalaba, Leigh Tesfatsion
Complete Comparative Static Differential Equations
Article in Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods, and Applications, 1981
not yet classified
Harriet Kagiwada, Robert Kalaba, Nima Rasakhoo, Spingarn Karl
Numerical Derivatives and Nonlinear Analysis
Plenum Press, Inc., 1985
not yet classified
R. E. Bellman, Harriet H. Kagiwada, Robert E. Kalaba
Wengert's Numerical Method for Partial Derivatives, Orbit Determination, and Quasilinearization
Article in Comm. ACM, 1965
not yet classified


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