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  • CurvFit, app from FC-Compiler  ( FortranCalculus )
    CurvFit™ is a (free) curve fitting program for Windows. Lorentzian, Sine, Exponential and Power series are available models to match your data. A Lorentzian series is highly recommended for real data especially for multiple peaked and/or valleys data. Make your own 'xxx' series: have a function you want to try? See the CurvFit's source code (included in CurvFit-install.exe) ... fit4user.fc file. Their are 6 series as of this writing. Modify or add one to fit your function. Download the free FC-Compiler™ that you will need to re-compile your version of CurvFit. CurvFit™ is another improved productivity example do to using Calculus-level programming ... ie. minutes to solve, days or years to understand solution and what it implies (e.g. wrong model, sampling rate error, etc.). Helps learn 1) whether math model is good for given data; 2) convergence implies a reasonable solution; 3) how to select new starting initial parameter values. See comments in EX*.? files for ideas on how to converge via solvers. Interpolation, extrapolation, & Hardcopy Plot options are now available.

  • FortranCalculus Compiler: Solves Algebraic Equations through Ordinary Differential Equations.  ( FortranCalculus )
    FC-Compiler™ is a (free) Calculus-level Compiler that simplifies Tweaking parameters in ones math model. The FortranCalculus (FC) language is for math modeling, simulation, and optimization. FC is based on Automatic Differentiation that simplifies computer code to an absolute minimum; i.e., a mathematical model, constraints, and the objective (function) definition. Minimizing the amount of code allows the user to concentrate on the science or engineering problem at hand and not on the (numerical) process requirements to achieve an optimum solution. FC-Compiler™ has many (50+) example problems with output (see 'Demos' on main menu) for viewing and getting ideas on solving your own problems. These are improved productivity examples do to using Calculus (level) Problem-Solving. Please share this Calculus Problem-Solving tool with your friends. Thanks! Industry problems with solutions over the past fifty plus years have been put into a textbook to show the power of Calculus-level Problem-Solving. The textbook as on our website at .


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