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  • CurvFit, app from FC-Compiler  ( Language independent,FortranCalculus )
    CurvFit (tm) is a nonlinear curve fitting program. Sine, damped Sine, Lorentz, Modified Lorentz, Power (ie Polynomial) and Exponential series are presently available models to match your data. We strongly suggest trying a Lorentz series for data with multiple peaks or valleys. A calculator exists for interpolation &/or extrapolation of given data. CurvFit has proven excellent for hard to fit data. Hard to fit data may take more time -but- it can be done given the right series and parameter values. For start try curve fitting your data with a Lorentz series!

  • The Taylor Center  ( Delphi,Language independent )
    ODE Solver for Initial Value Problems (IVPs) given in the form of a system of 1st order explicit ODEs. The integration is based on Automatic Differentiation of the right hand sides entered in a conventional mathematical notation. The package is an All-In-One advanced GUI application with near real time animation of the solution in 2D or in 3D stereo with a conventional monitor and Red/Blue glasses.


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