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Registration to the Eleventh Euro AD Workshop

Fees are: Academics/Government Labs £90, Industry £140, Research Students £65. Thanks to the sponsorship of NAG        http://www.nag.co.uk we are able to offer a reduced fee of £25 for the first 5 Research Students who register.

Registration is now open
To register please complete the registration form in pdf      http://www.amorg.co.uk/AD/EuroADWorkshops/ShrivenhamDec2010/ADRegDec2010.pdf
or word      http://www.amorg.co.uk/AD/EuroADWorkshops/ShrivenhamDec2010/ADRegDec2010.doc
formats and return as directed in the form. Please address enquiries to Betsy-Jane Lawton 

There are still slots available if you wish to talk
If you wish to give a talk:

  • If you already have an autodiff.org account then please login and complete the form which will appear below (correcting default details if required) to submit your title and one paragraph plain text abstract
  • If you haven't an autodiff.org account then either request one (using the My Account menu item on the left navigation list) or send your title and one paragraph plain text abstract directly to           .

Please submit your title and abstract by Thursday December 2nd 2010.

Registrations for this workshop are closed

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