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Third European Workshop on Automatic Differentiation
Thursday June 1st, 2006
Oxford University Computing Laboratory
Wolfson Building
Parks Road
Oxford, UK

This was the third in a series of European Workshops providing a forum for the presentation of theoretical developments in, and applications of, Automatic Differentiation (AD) and adjoint methods. It was informal, with no published proceedings (except presenters' slides which may be found by following the hyperlinks in the Programme below), so allowing for the discussion of work in progress and presentations by those new to the subject. This workshop was for one day's duration and was kindly hosted by Mike Giles of Oxford University's Computing Laboratory to ensure easy access to delegates from the immediately preceeding International Conference on Computational Science ICCS 2006 at Reading University (under one hour travel time by train) which featured a formal workshop on Automatic Differentiation: Tools and Applications.

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