Publication: Automatic Differentiation of Algorithms: From Simulation to Optimization
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Automatic Differentiation of Algorithms: From Simulation to Optimization

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George Corliss, Christèle Faure, Andreas Griewank, Laurent Hascoët, Uwe Naumann



AD Theory and Techniques

Contained Articles
- A Case Study of Computational Differentiation Applied to Neutron Scattering
- A Parallel Hierarchical Approach for Automatic Differentiation
- Accurate Gear Tooth Contact Determination and Sensitivity Computation for Hypoid Bevel Gears
- AD Tools and Prospects for Optimal AD in CFD Flux Jacobian Calculations
- Adjoining Independent Computations
- Aerofoil Optimisation via AD of a Multigrid Cell-Vertex Euler Flow Solver
- Analytical Aspects and Practical Pitfalls in Technical Applications of AD
- Application of AD to a Family of Periodic Functions
- Application of Automatic Differentiation to Race Car Performance Optimisation
- Application of Higher Order Derivatives to Parameterization
- Automatic Differentiation and the Adjoint State Method
- Automatic Differentiation Bibliography
- Automatic Differentiation for Modern Nonlinear Regression
- Automatic Differentiation Tools in Optimization Software
- Automatically Differentiating MPI-1 Datatypes: The Complete Story
- Bibliography of Automatic Differentiation
- Complexity Analysis of Automatic Differentiation in the Hyperion Software
- Continuous Optimal Control Sensitivity Analysis with AD
- Differentiation Methods for Industrial Strength Problems
- Efficient High-Order Methods for ODEs and DAEs
- Efficient Operator Overloading AD for Solving Nonlinear PDEs
- Electron Paramagnetic Resonance, Optimization and Automatic Differentiation
- Elimination Techniques for Cheap Jacobians
- Expression Templates and Forward Mode Automatic Differentiation
- FAD Method to Compute Second Order Derivatives
- From Rounding Error Estimation to Automatic Correction with AD
- Globalization of Pantoja's Optimal Control Algorithm
- Integrating AD with Object-Oriented Toolkits for High-performance Scientific Computing
- Minimizing the Tape Size
- New Applications of Taylor Model Methods
- New Results on Program Reversals
- Nonlinear Observer Design Using Automatic Differentiation
- Odyssée versus Hand Differentiation of a Terrain Modelling Application
- On the Iterative Solution of Adjoint Equations
- Optimal Control Sensitivity Analysis with AD
- Optimal Laser Control of Chemical Reactions Using AD
- Optimal Sizing of Industrial Structural Mechanics Problems Using AD
- Performance Issues in Automatic Differentiation on Superscalar Processors
- Present and Future Scientific Computation Environments
- Recomputations in Reverse Mode AD
- Reducing the Number of AD Passes for Computing a Sparse Jacobian Matrix
- Second Order Exact Derivatives to Perform Optimization on Self-Consistent Integral Equations Problems
- Sensitivity Analysis and Parameter Tuning of a Sea-Ice Model
- Sensitivity Analysis Using Parallel ODE Solvers and Automatic Differentiation in C: SensPVODE and ADIC
- Taylor Series Models in Deterministic Global Optimization
- Towards a Universal Data Type for Scientific Computing
- Using Automatic Differentiation for Second-order Matrix-free Methods in PDE-Constrained Optimization
- Verifying Jacobian Sparsity

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