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Seventh European Workshop on Automatic Differentiation
Monday 24th - Tuesday 25th November 2008
Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance
Oxford University
Oxford, UK

This two day workshop is the seventh in a series providing a forum for the presentation of theoretical developments in, and applications of, Automatic Differentiation (AD) and adjoint methods. It will be informal, with no published proceedings, so allowing for the discussion of work in progress and presentations by those new to the subject. The workshop is kindly being hosted by Prof. Mike Giles of the Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance.

We welcome every researcher who wishes to present their work on any aspect of AD or its applications. However, at this workshop we would encourage contributions in the area of
  • Applications and Challenges in Economics and Finance

  • Confirmed speakers include:
    Luca Capriotti - CREDIT SUISSE
    Oliver Pironneau - Université Paris VI
    Luca Guerrieri - US Federal Reserve Bank
    Benjamin Skrainka - University College London

If you are interested in giving a 25 minute talk on any aspect of AD, or any applications you think suitable for AD then please contact Dr Martin Bücker at We particularly welcome contributions from research students and those new to AD.

Accommodation for this workshop has been arranged at Linton Lodge, Oxford which must be booked in the next few days -- see details under Travel and Accomodation

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